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Pentecost Sunday is The Day The Body of Christ Received The Promise; The Holy Spirit. It was first Prophesied in (Matthew 3:11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:) 

The Holy Spirit is alive in the Body of Christ. We see the Holy Spirit in action through healings, miracles, wonders in the earth and signs in the world. Who is The Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit bears witness that Jesus Christ has resurrected. (1John 5:6  This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth.)

The Holy Spirit is the Power of God! God said not by power nor by might but by His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is important to you because it protects you, it wars for you and it intercedes for you. (Romans 8:27  And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.) The Holy Spirit  is alive in the life of every believer so on this Pentecost Month talk to The Holy Spirit because he talks back and listen to the Holy Spirit because he is speaking. It is The Voice of God. You too can hear The Holy Spirit. (John 16:13  Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.) (1 Thessalonians 5:19  Quench not the Spirit.)


The Prophetic Word to you in the month of June is; IT IS FINISHED!

Thus Sayeth The Lord, “I prophesy to you the Voice of God which says that everything you have struggled with is finished. Your life is set up for miracles to be performed through your testimony. Hear the voice of God. IT IS FINISHED! Every struggle you endured as a child that has followed you into adulthood, IT IS FINISHED! Hear the Sound of God. I am he that cried for you in the wilderness. When I cried in the wilderness I cried for you. I cried for you, so that you will not need to cry. To cry is to release the pressure and I have relieved your pressure. I prophesy to you that your pain has become a dead tree stump that I am speaking to; live no more. I prophesy to you PEACE because IT IS FINISHED!



Prophesied May 1, 2017

Thus sayeth the sound of God that, “I am going to cause the rivers of the waves of the waters, the same river that I look in My hands and carved out and I told it to go no further. I am going to cause the rivers of the streams they are going to back up and I am going to cause a flood in the land, I am going to cause a flood in the land on the east coast, I am doing it to bear witness to the WOG. I am going to cause a flood in the East Coast to touch and agree with the WOG ministry. I see the seas and the waters coming up against the East Coast. God said to let you know that within 14days that He is going to cause the oceans to back up on the East Coast to touch and agree. He said, do I not, bear them witness according to Hebrews 2:4 with miracles signs and wonders.”


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God Announced There Would Be Storms In The Midwest.

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Spoken Monday May 1, 2017

Thus sayeth the sound of God, “That gold in the earth is getting ready to drop; the Stock Market of gold is getting ready to drop now is the time to come out. God said that prophesied that you could make money up until April. God said if you got gold in the Stock to get it out right now, because there is going to be a land slide. Thus sayeth the sound of God that this is the Prophetic sound of God and the Godhead.”

See Stock in Gold Falls




Allyssa Narvaez Ministries and The PRophetic House are launching Monday June 5th a 24 hour Live Prayer Line. Our goal is to have someone praying 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are a group dedicated to the necessity of Prayer! When Jesus Christ became our mediator he went to The Father to mediate for you. As a Prayer Group we are committed to Praying to Jesus for the world. Prayer is the essence to a saving grace. Pray with us as we pray for you 24 Hours a day! Our Theme this month is Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing! Learn More Here.


From The Book 30 Days of Dreams and Visions, by Prophetess Allyssa Narvaez

Page 36,  DAY 12


I dreamed I lead a company. It was a large company. I dreamed the company was becoming successful. One day a trusted confidant came to see me and reported “The Spirit” of the employees. She said they were becoming disgruntled, complainers, mockers and scornful. I couldn’t grasp why they felt this way because in my opinion everything was going well. So I thought. I treated them especially well. We gave them great compensation, bonuses and generous vacations. We treated them with value. I told her, “Ok”. I formed a meeting to hear the voice of the people. We met in a storefront space located in the mall. The space was very large. There had to have been at minimum one thousand people falling in the doors. They were loud, dismayed, inattentive and rude. They entered and I could hardly start the meeting. This person needed to run out; to their car, to get this and another person, needed to go, get that. In and out the door they went and came back and forth. They were talking in an intrusive manner to the meeting. The annoyance of The Spirit of the people made me feel rejected and the meeting had not even started yet. They simply lacked R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

I started the meeting. I went to the podium and went right to the heart of the matter. I didn’t start off with hello or thank you for coming. I said, “It has been called to my attention that a number of you are dissatisfied and I am here to hear the heart of you and see if I can bear your burdens with change.”  The floor was open. One said, “I don’t like this….. And I don’t like that…..” In the dream I could not hear what they were saying. They were not really saying any complaints. I felt the “Spirit of Discord” in the people. Their hearts had been turned against the company without a valid reason. Then a woman spoke up, “I don’t like the fact that Jesus is mentioned. I have my own religion and I don’t want to be forced to accept or hear that.” This was the only complaint I physically heard. I instantly knew that Satan had infiltrated the vineyard and was beginning to turn the people away from the infrastructure of the company. The leadership of the business was lovers of Christ and the employees did not have a valid reason to become hard in their hearts. I could feel my passion to take the floor now!

I stood with authority. I spoke with fervency and poise, “Well let me say this, this company was founded on morals, value and commitment. I Am A Preacher!” The people looked surprised as if they did not know. “This company stands on and will advance based on the very thing that started it. It will move forward in Jesus Christ and God! How many people left the old company I managed and came with me to start this new one? Raise your hands.” Almost half of the people raised their hands. I knew if the “other hands” of the people left the company it would disassemble the operations. I went to say further with the conviction of a preacher, “So I know they will stay.” The other company I managed closed down. I took the people that battled with me in the hard times of the old business. We went through the hardship of dissolving the company together. I took with me when we started the new company the employees that never left the old business and stood behind the leadership, and said “We are here with you until the end.”  I said it again, but this time I was I knew I was talking to somebody; and I said it with authority, “I know they will stay!” I was letting “The Devil” know, the demon of disassembly, the destroyer, “I Know They Will Stay” In a no weapon formed against us will prosper tone. “Now if the rest of you want to leave, Get!….Up!… Right!…Now! Walk out that door and I mean it. Because I know that the same God that made it possible for this to start, will build it back up and it will be better.” I could see and feel better production, better customer service, better sales, healthier distribution, better planning and a stronger leadership. “If you must complain then you must go.” I then awoke.

Thus sayeth the Spirit of GOD, “This dream is for those who are afraid to face the demands and pressures of the “Devil of Compromise”. Compromise will create an environment for selling your soul; being sold out for what others are pressuring you to believe; a lie. Satan wants you to believe a lie, that if you choose his way it will give immediate gratification. The Demon of Compromise always but A.L.W.A.Y.S. chooses to infiltrate your house through the one he views as the weaker; the baby lamb; the baby that is spiritually a new birth. I have come that you may know the difference. I am writing these words that you may become spiritually strengthened. You become strengthened by manifesting the Fruit of The Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law

The enemy is seeking whom he may devour. He seeks to devour all things that are built on The Rock; Christ my Son, business built on the rock, homes built on the rock, love built on the rock and finally prisons built on the rock. Well why do you say prisons? I am everywhere. I am in prisons also. I am a God that is omnipotent, omnipresence. My Spirit is everywhere! The enemy sends to prisons the lack of hope. You know Peter was in prison and I was there. I sent my cavalry to open the doors of murder and let out that which was to be slain. Stay focused! Don’t loose hope and most of all don’t lose to compromise. Selah”

The dream really felt real. The enemy was running a ribbon of discord through what God had built and with all the conviction of my life I knew God would come through for us again. I didn’t mind letting the things go that seemed to keep it functional. God was showing that he keeps it functional, not man. So many times we believe in and depend on the skills of others to keep it together, not acknowledging that God not only keeps it together but he is the one that put it together. Trust in God not man and when we compromise this we are weakening the entourage. People can fail us but God will never fail us.    GET YOUR COPY!

30 Days of Dreams and Visions by Allyssa Narvaez. Retail $7.99E-Book / $14.75 Paperback




“Hi Prophetess I wanted to give you an update you prophesied to me the end of February. I had lost my car the week prior. You told me God said I recently lost a lot of weight and I did I lost over 70 lbs since last September and you told me God was about to bless me with a hot car to go along with the weight loss. A bumble bee mustang well I didn’t get the bumble bee mustang but I got blessed with a car that was newer than the one I had. I got a 2016 Mustang. I wanted to give you this praise report and say thank you. Keep praying for me as I will for you. All this you told me was so true. I was going through so much at that time but listening to you lifted my spirits. My ex husband was giving me problems he wrecked my car twice and sued the people for the money. He took that money to fix my car, and spent it. I wound up loosing that car. We are divorced now I am dating someone who treats me so nice. I never knew how good I could be treated he’s been really good to me. But I really thank you please pray for me”

ME: “Amen! What an awesome testimony! Do you mind if I share your story? What happened to the “Yellow Car I saw you getting?”

BRZZI BINGHAM: “I don’t mind at all. The yellow one they sold it the weekend before, but that Monday I called this place that had been calling me and I got a Mustang that was a year newer at 2016 in which the other was a 2015 both had an echo boost. Please share I really don’t mind”

BRAZZIS’S PROPHECY “I hear the Spirit of God saying, “On today, that everything that you are toiling with it is time to flush. You’ve got to send it to the septic system. And I hear the Spirit of God saying that nothing will get in the way of His praise, nothing will get in the way of your praise because according to Hebrews 3:4; He is saying to let you know that the will of God is to want not and waste not. I hear the Spirit of God saying that we’re going to get rid of everything that you don’t use inside of your closet, because you lost a lot of weight. You have been saying what should I do with these items that I can no longer fit? God is saying this is called a waste because you can no longer use it. God is saying to the Body of Christ it is time for us to get rid of the waste, flush it down the toilet. God is saying to you although you’ve lost that weight that we’ve got to bless you with somethings that you can fit now, because when you lost the weight it went to waste and now God is clothing you with the new, a new praise in your walk, talk, and word of God. Thus sayeth the sound of the True and Living God, that you love the Book of Hebrews because it says in it that faith comes by hearing, and faith is the substance of things hope for, and the evidence of things not seen; this is why you like Hebrews so much. And thus sayeth the sound of the True and Living God as you’re going to get rid of the clothes that you cannot fit anymore we are going to give you a new car. I hear the Spirit of God saying that I am getting ready to bless you with that bubble bee yellow Mustang that you want. I see you looking on line all time saying ‘boy oh boy oh boy, boy it will be nice to have that’. And I hear the Spirit of God saying we’ve got to give you some hot wheels to go with that hot weight you’ve just lost.”


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When I first experienced The Prophetic, it started at the age of 10. The prophetic was assigned to my life from the very beginning. It felt like a “pull” toward God. I was drawn to churches. I would attend any church that said Jesus. I was like a child that brought home stray dogs and cried, Mommy can we keep it. I found churches and said “Mommy can I go?” As I developed into a young teenager I often got dropped off at the stray churches but I have my favorite churches. The churches with fire! I was drawn to the music and the fiery preacher! It did something to me. The Holy Spirit did something to me. One day I was standing at the alter of a fiery church at the age of 23 and The Holy Spirit over took my soul and I experienced what is known as Chara, the Greek word for Baptize.  As the Holy Spirit anointed me I began to speak in other tongues and this was the beginning of A Prophet in Training. You will know the Prophetic has been assigned to you if,


I then began to dream of events. I would awake and the events would happen. I once dreamed there was an airplane crash and when I awoke and watched the news there was a real airplane crash. I told the people around me and they made EVERY excuse why I didn’t have a prophetic dream. They said, “Oh you slept with the television on.”

I once dreamed a little boy drowned. When I awoke the next day, they were searching for a little boy. They later found out he had drowned. The list goes on and on of dreams I had, that people brushed off as coincidental, until I experienced a true relationship with God. You will know you are a Prophet in Training if:


One day all the televisions in my house broke. Not one of my quality televisions worked. Then my relationships with close friends began to close in. The ones I told the dreams to began to fall off. I was no longer able to share the dreams with them they were simple not there anymore. You know you are a Prophet in training if:


When I would go to bed at night, I would hear The Voice of God. It began with small words such as the word “look”. Then they moved into longer phrases, “look in your drawer”. The phrases got longer and more in-depth. “Look in your top right drawer and you will find your bible”. God drew me more and more to his word. I began studying his word. I began studying God. You will know you are a Prophet in Training if You experience visitations


God then showed me who The Voice was I would speak with at night. He began to send me visitations with his spirit. I experience visions, dazes and even dreams all of The Holy Spirit. They were encounters. After a year a Prophet was made.

If you suspect God is calling you to the office of the prophetic or want to learn more,

                                               Take the Seers Course





Sierra Narvaez is the daughter of Allyssa Narvaez. Sierra is student of the 11th grade in High School. She is a Honor Roll Student a member of the National Honor Society, multiple academic award recipient and an Evangelist of The Kingdom of God. Sierra loves to teach the Gospel of Jesus. Tune into her anointed words of wisdom on Wednesday Evenings on Facebook.


MAY MAGAZINE ISSUE The Prophetic House Church

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  1. Self Gain
    • A False Prophet prophesies on behalf of God with a lying tongue for money power and position. He/She will murder to continue the illusion of truth.
  2. Self Worship
    • A False Prophet will carry a superiority ambiance to worship their self and to get others to worship they will exalt themselves before others. They will brag about their accomplishments and display worldly possessions including flashy cars, jewelry and even churches. There is a lack of modesty.
  3.  Idolized Sense of Spirit
    • A False Prophet carries and Idolization of other things, the opposite sexes or even same sexes (in private). There is a lust demon that transfigures the False Prophet’s desires into promises of Fame. They will usually idolize other, objects, people,  cities and government. They will expect their following to idolize what they idolize and want them to idolize those things.
  4. False and Inconsistent Prophecies
    • They will spread false and inconsistent prophecies and tell lies to shift the accountability.
  5. Manipulation
    • A False Prophet will use manipulation on their following usually in the form of guilt and shame for questioning and not being faithful with you time, money and attention.
  6. Tells Exaggerations
    • False Prophets exaggerate  the truth or even a lie. If only 200 people came to the services they will say 400 came. EVERYTHING must appear to be bigger!
  7. Criticizes of Prophets
    • The False Prophet will steal the prophecies right out of the mouth of a true prophet and ridicule and smear the true prophet’s CREDIBILITY and name. They want the spotlight and the following.
  8. Harbor and Coveting Spirit
    • A False Prophet will usually harbor you. They will not want anyone else to take up your time including your spouse. They are jealous of any relationship you carry with others because they are afraid you are going to give someone else their monet, they should be collecting. They are professional hustlers representing God.
  9. Take The Glory from You and God
    • A False Prophet enjoys the praise of man and perfers not to give any praise to God. They will endure an amen but inwardly they desire the glory. You are able to identify them by their fruit.
  10. Thinks He/She is not replaceable
    • A False Prophet desires your worship and they think they are invincible but you are replaceable. They are highly self-centered. They are not givers and very seldom offer people salvation.

You escape the grasp of a false prophet by something very simple. Do not communicate with them. Do not watch their teachings, don’t attend their services and if they call simply; don’t answer. Block all communication. Now you are free!

We Appreciate Your Commitment to Stand

with This Prophetic Ministry!

Partner April Issue-page-3



Your Prophetic Word ARISE and COMMAND!

Last month God gave you the word Arise! This month he has added to the word Arise and Command. I am commanding those things as though they were in YOUR life. I prophesy the word command because as God prepared the Armies to move out in the Book of Numbers 2nd Chapter, the Bible declares they moved out by companies. In a company we will find a leader and in a leader we will find a servant and in a servant we will find submission. To command the submission to Christ activates your destiny. We are in a Prophetic Season of Harvest! Earlier this year we celebrated the season of Jubilee and we found out during the Shimatah which took place every 7 years. This was the year of release (Deuteronomy 15th Chapter). Well when the 7 years fulfilled, 7 more years the big release came so, in the 49th year every blocked blessing was given to the Children of Israel.  God has revealed to me, THE BODY OF CHRIST is in the celebration of the 50th year! This is the season to command! This blessing God is releasing is specifically for the Covenant Partners of Allyssa Narvaez Ministries. Good Health, Strong Finances, Healthy Relationships and Personal Spiritual Growth have been assigned to you, our Covenant Partner. My life has been blessed with the Prophetic Gift because I trusted God while making a vow to serve him FULL TIME! Being a full-time servant is challenging but being a part-time lover of God is disastrous. I have found that when I became a full-time dedicated servant of Jesus Christ thenn he gifted me. I now take the Gift of Prophesy and use it for Christ’s Kingdom. We are learning with the Prophetic Word to you this month; being C-O-M-M-A-N-D,  God has commanded that all areas of your life line up with peace! God has commanded that all areas of your life line up with joy! God has commanded that all areas of your life line up with prosperity.  To prosper means to grow and if God has commanded that the trees and flowers grow he has also commanded that you grow!VThe Bible declare that God gives your hand to prosper    ( Genesis 39:3 & 23) and with commanding your hand to prosper I see new relationships forming for you. I see God placing you in front of the RIGHT people to cause your hand to prosper. God commanded that the bones in the dry valley would raise up and become and exceedingly GREAT ARMY.   C-O-M-M-A-N-D!





March 31, 2017 “Listen I hear the Spirit of God saying that there is going to be a deficit found in the Federal Government. A deficit. They are going to say they didn’t know it was there. It is all a set up because the false beast is getting ready to take over the world. He is getting in position right now. And we know that the wealth of the world is in China’s hand, it is stronger economically with China. And I hear God saying that the United States, they are going to find a new deficit and they are going to blame it on those who were in office before. But I hear the Spirit of God saying that it is so that the enemy can get into positions, talking about the false beast. The false beast of the Brexit System. Listen to me very closely God said that everything has shifted in the world that everything is in a One world Order as far as finance. Why do you think that everybody is fighting? They are not fighting over the power but the money.  Read About It Here , Read More About It Here!


April 3, 2017 “A New study with bone tissue or bone marrow is going to help pin- point your heritage or descendants. “And I hear the Spirit of God saying they are going to come out with a new way to be able to find out who your heritage was through the bones. They are going to take bone tissue, bone marrow and they are going to be able to trace back and find the exact pin point. They have an idea now but it is kind of like all over the place but with the bones they are going to be able to pin point. The level of the bone crusher is in the line.”  Read The Christian Post News Report


Do you dream? I dream. I dream all the time. I dream so much that I have published two books. You can learn about the books at the bottom of this newsletter. The first book of dreams I wrote is titled 30 Days of Dreams and Visions. The second is entitled The Prophet’s Spiritual Demise. On April 29th I had a dream of warning. God sends us messages in our dreams. Send me your dreams here and I will give you the message through the Holy Spirit!

Numbers 12:6  And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.

On this particular night I dreamed about a massive Pit Bull carmel-colored dog and its owner. The Pit Bull was so large his muscles protruded beyond his ribs and his head was over-sized. He was walking along the highway. After reporting to his master his master released the over-sized pit bull that was the size of a lion. He reminded me of a lion but his meat- head reminded me of the ferocious jaws that lock on their prey. I was too fast for the pitbull and as I out ran him the pit bull got wedged behind a very tall fence. My question was why would my neighbor send such a man-eating animal to attack me. As I was waking in the height of REM (Rapid Eye Movement)  I heard the Voice of God say, “Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for you that thy faith fail you not. Trust In Me.” It was so clear God was telling me not to doubt him when I have a need for the ministry. To doubt God is to fail him. The enemy will come to have your faith, but Jesus is praying for us. Jesus knows your need before you ask and if he has given you a job then he will provide. God has given me a job! Build his kingdom in the world. As I labor to build A Prophetic Center and Healing Ministry, God will provide everything we need. As God builds your life he will send you everything you need. God is giving away kingdoms and cities and I prophesy your city into your hand. The hand of the city is in the heart of a king! May God bless your heart and hands to prosper.



                                   PRAYER INTERCESSORS                                    


To learn more, email your interest to Minister Judith Rejouis-Ministre at:



I get a great number of testimonies about how the ministry has touched lives. This is why you are standing with me as I preach the Gospel:

I Prophesied to a Woman Named Teresa Humphrey. This was her prophesy:

“Teresa Humphrey: God said to let you know I am handing out new cars but I see a new contract on the lease you got right now. God said I am going to bless the contract of the lease right now with something new and better and greater outside of your paid grade. Let me explain it to you like this, when you are in the military you get a pay grade based on your rank. But God said to let you know that He has increased your rank and when your rank increase in the Body of Christ in the spiritual realm He has to increase your paid grade on today. God said to let you know I am handing out new cars.”

4 Days Later Teresa sent me this photo of her new car with the Praise Report,



Chereen Minjo Wrote:

 “Hello Pastor Allyssa hope you are well? I want to say thank The Lord for sending you on fb to spread his words so that people can know more about him and bless. Pastor when you pray for me live on fb and tell me about my beanies plan that I have,  I have to say The Lord is really speaking to you because I do have that plan and you don’t know me or know anything about it. God bless you.”


Her Prophecy,  “Thus sayeth the sound of God, although the vision tarry to wait on it because at it’s appointed time the vision will not lie but it will speak volume to your life, and I hear the Spirit of God saying that business you desire, although the vision tarry to wait on it. Don’t you know that I’ve seen the business plan and read the proposal? The reason some of the partners have not responded may be it is because we want to get rid of the waste, of those that you shouldn’t partner with. I hear the Spirit of God saying to let you know that anything you can do you can do it with Christ alone the One that strengthens you, you don’t need the co-singer, the co-author, the co-signer on anything that God calls you to do. Because God is saying that everything you need is found inside of His Glory, inside of His wisdom. I hear the Spirit of God saying don’t you know that I see you need a hundred twenty thousand dollars to get started, and God is saying I am the One that provides because the Scripture says that all things belongs to Him, the earth is the Lord and  the fullness thereof. I hear the Spirit of God saying I can give you favor where you don’t even need the money. God is saying to let you know that the vision that you’re looking for of that business it will birth out. I hear the Spirit of God saying on today it will be it it’s fullness in about 4 to 5 years, but you’re going to launch out into the deep by faith right now.”

Sergio Wrote,

“Hello Prophetess, thank you for your message on today,
I woke up and I wanted to go back to sleep and the Lord said, Get up. Get up for what I said, He said To get on Facebook. I thought for something else, But then I saw you start your stream, to which I said, Oh its 9 am, I see Lord.
To keep it short, I felt you speak life intr my spirit. I’m struggling to stay in Faith, As I constantly begin to doubt because I’m used to thinking negatively all my life, So I am struggling remaining calm, But right after I heard your message, I went to sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed, Like I haven’t felt in ages, Like I actually felt good when I awoke. Rested. I’m believing the Lord for that job.
And trying to stay calm. Thank you very much for your message
May God bless you I love Driving.”
(I Prophesied to Sergio, that he loves to drive and God would give him a driving job!)

Shantal Wrote:

“Pray for me
Thanks for the service online I was moved by your worship keep on doing God’s works”

Steven Wrote:

“I love you and your ministries!”

Mrs. Harris Wrote:

Hello WOG
“I just stopped in to say the word the Spirit of the Lord had you give to me was confirmed thru another Prophet. Now just listening to the Lord and doing what he say do! When he bring me to it I will tell you. All Glory to God the Father!!”


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30 daysthe prophets







GOD SAYS In Mathew 17:21  Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.





Rapid Eye MovementRapid Eye Movement